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Shirodhara Treatments in Andheri West | Journey of Nayan

Being from a small town, the sudden shift to Mumbai was hectic for me. The traffic, the pollution, the distance, everything was so new to me. Even though I fell in love with the city, the stress was catching up. Whenever I wanted to unwind, I would hit the beach. However, with the increase in workload and other family responsibilities, I craved for a break.

I thought of going for a Swedish massage (for a relaxing time) and was browsing the net looking for some spas. That is when I came across NuAyurveda’s website. My knowledge, where Ayurveda was concerned was severely limited. But, I knew that Ayurveda was highly beneficial. So, I started looking at their website.

NuAyurveda has various treatments on offer. From weight loss to eye care, you name it, they have it. Since I was intrigued, I started looking at their massage section and realized that Shirodhara was the best treatment plan for me. Therefore, without wasting any time I booked an appointment at their Ayurvedic clinic in Andheri West Shoppers Stop branch.

On the day of my appointment, I was incredibly excited and because of this, I reached the premises about 20 minutes early. The front office team was very efficient and offered me a welcome drink during my waiting period. Then I met my consulting doctor who went through my medical history and asked me several questions to help me with the best Shirodhara treatment.

So, let me tell you a little about Shirodhara. In this Ayurvedic treatment, the practitioner will gently pour the Ayurvedic oils on your forehead to help you relax and unwind. Here, instead of oils, milk, water, buttermilk, etc. can also be used. This entirely depends on the individual and his or her needs.  This treatment is extremely beneficial as it can help treat insomnia, eye diseases, neurological diseases, etc.

My therapy went on without any glitches and I felt on top of the world once I was done. I was so at peace that it was unbelievable. When it comes to NuAyurveda’s Ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai services, it was very nice. The whole team was friendly, and my consulting doctor was highly qualified. The clinic was kept clean and could be easily located.

My Shirodhara experience made me want to try more of Ayurveda. It was definitely worth it and did not take up too much of my time.

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