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  • Treatment Quality
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Staff Courtesy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money
  • Service Delivery

OneClickReview's Take:

Dr Batra Homeopathy clinic offers effective and safe homeopathic remedies as well as treatment for hair loss, acne, asthma, obesity, psoriasis and many more. They offer customized and integrated treatment solutions and their medical board includes specialist MDs with 30+ years of medical experience. The treatment at Dr Batra is through training as well as processes where honest assessments of patient’s cases are done.
All medical records are save as e- medical records throughout a patient’s lifetime across any clinics in India as well as abroad. Various scientific treatment measurement tools have been developed and incorporated at their clinics such as skin analysis of vitiligo through 3D camera, 3D imaging technology, 3D imaging device, Digital PFR, and many others.
The doctors at Dr Batra understand the patient’s problems and try and resolve them at the earliest. But as every other agency, there have been many cases where few issues were not handled properly by the staff and this led to a bad reputation. Though the treatments are expensive, customers feel that it is worth the money if the treatments are successful and effective. Based on all these parameters, many customers feel that Richfeel is one such clinic that has provided the experience they have always wanted.

Would OneClickReviews team recommend the services?
Based on all the above mentioned parameters, Dr Batra is not a recommended option. For the same services, you can opt for other available agencies which can provide you the required services.

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Services offered by Dr Batra

  • Hair transplant
  • Hair fall treatment
  • Skin ailment treatment
  • Stomach disorders
  • Sexual health issues
  • Respiratory ailments

We have classified Dr Batra Review in the following parameters:

Treatment Quality

The quality of treatment at Dr Batra’s is comparatively good. The main services – hair transplant and skin ailment treatment are few areas where Dr Batra excel at. All international standards are followed at their centers which makes Dr Batra a way ahead than other agencies.

Equipment and Technology

Dr Batra’s has the latest technology and equipment available across their clinics. Various scientific treatment measurement tools have been developed and incorporated at all their clinics. Video microscopes are also used to predict hair loss even before one experiences it. There has also been an innovation in technology where e- medical records were introduced. 3D imaging technologies were also introduced to analyze skin health.

Staff Courtesy

The staff at Dr Batra is very courteous. The staff try and help the customers as much as possible and have been appreciable a lot. However, one cannot deny the bad experiences faced by few customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are quite satisfied with the treatment offered at Dr Batra. Dr Batra takes up the responsibility to resolve all issues and complaints at the earliest. However, there have been cases where the treatments have failed and there were no refunds back to the customers/ patients.

Value for Money

Services related to hair and skin treatments may cost you a lot but if the results are satisfactory, the money being spent is worth it. As per the experience of customers, it does matter to them if the cost is too high and they would anytime prefer a less expensive clinic.

Service Delivery

In order to get through a doctor at Dr Batra, you must need an appointment and sometimes such appointments get delayed. A number of times these appointments get delayed or rescheduled as reviewed by customers due to logistical reasons. Dr Batra has got a bad reputation when compared to their service delivery option.

Pros of Dr Batra’s Treatments and Services

  • Latest technology
  • Effective results
  • Access to multiple branches/ clinics across different cities
  • No side effects of homeopathy medicines
  • Huge number of products available

Cons of Dr Batra’s Treatments and Services

  • Expensive treatment
  • Delays in appointment
  • Bad customer service

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