Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil in Cream Review

  • Ease of Styling
  • Fragrance
  • Hair Shine and Silkiness
  • Hair Smoothness
  • Value for Money
  • Packaging

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Garnier Hair Oil in cream is an all new hair-oil product that is an excellent moisturizing agent that treats dry, rough and itchy scalp which fights dandruff. Garnier is a popular and trusted beauty brand that has reached out to nooks and corners nationwide. No wonder every person using Garnier products have been deeply benefited by this hair-oil and gained long, smooth and bouncy hair.
Long, fragrant and voluminous hair is the promise of Garnier hair oil in cream which is affordable at just about 85 INR makes it a perfect purchase for all.
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Long, thick and bouncy hair free of dandruff is the blessing of Garnier oil in cream. An all new hair oil product which is a replacement for hair oil. It is totally non-sticky by nature making it the perfect pick at just about 85 INR.

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Key Ingredients in Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil in Cream

Cetearyl alcohol – It acts as a moisturizing agent and helps in the treatment of dry and itchy scalp. This in turn helps to restore the health of the scalp and fight dandruff to some extent.

Mineral Oil – Enhances hair growth

Apply Fruit Extract – Hemps to strengthen hair from roots and prevents in hair breakage and loss of hair

Glycerin – Moisturizes hair and replenish the water content to ensure less damage to hair

Other Ingredients in Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil in Cream

The other ingredients used in Garnier oil in cream include coconut oil, sugarcane extract, fragrance, Olive fruit oil, etc.; which helps to prevent itchiness and rough scalp and thus works on dandruff. The fragrance added in the cream ensures a good smell from the product.

We have classified Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil in Cream Review within the following parameters:

Ease of Styling

The Garnier oil in cream is non-sticky by nature and is not so greasy. It is easily absorbed by the roots of hair and hence gives you a normal healthy appearance of your hair instead of an oily scalp.

Increase Silkiness and Shine

The Garnier Oil is nourishing hair oil in a creamy format that has zero stickiness but it is not so good to add the shine and silkiness in your hair.

Hair Smoothness

This oil replacement cream works on the roots of your hair and owing to the presence of Cetearyl alcohol and glycerin; it acts as an excellent moisturizer and smoothens your hair. Hence it gives you a soft and smooth feeling on touching your beautiful hair.

Value for Money

The Garnier Oil in cream costs about 85 INR for just 200 grams which indicate it is a fair good product at this price. It is affordable by all and heaving hair oil in cream format eases your style statement.


Strong and healthy that smells amazing is a property of Garnier oil in cream. The artificial fragrance is added in the ingredients that leaves a lasting and pleasant smell.


The packaging is slightly disappointing as it can spill oil if pressed too tightly. Hence it is not a very travel friendly product and would be rated.

Pros of Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil in Cream

  • Coconut Oil, olive and Almonds are known for their nourishing effects and its presence in this hair oil indicate bouncy and strong hair.
  • This oil replacement cream beauty product is non-greasy and non-sticky which makes it easy to use
  • The creamy has a non-oily feeling to it and hence does not stick to your hair or scalp
  • The hair oil is absorbed quickly by the roots and works faster to nourish and replenish the dryness of scalp.
  • Reduces the roughness and frizziness of hair
  • Prevents hair breakage and loss of hair
  • Excellent remedy to fight dandruff and gives a nourished and beautiful hair.

Cons of Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil in Cream

  • The packaging is the product is not very travel friendly
  • The smell is not long lasting and vanishes after some time of applying it evenly on your hair.

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