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  • Treatment Quality
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Staff Courtesy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money
  • Service Delivery

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Kaya has got more than 100 skin clinics across India and over 20 clinics in the Middle East. There is also an e- commerce portal in addition to 140+ dermatologists and beauty therapists. Kaya skin clinics also operate a retail chain called the “Kaya Skin Bar” which has got specialized products that cater to hair and skin care needs. There are more than 100 Kaya Skin Bars in India. There are three business formats operated by Kaya Limited- Kaya Skin Bar, Kaya E- commerce and Kaya Skin Clinic.

Kaya Skin Clinic offers various solutions for different skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne along with regular beauty enhancement services as well as laser skin removal solutions while Kaya Skin Bar has got 13 hair ranges and skin care ranges that are developed by in- house dermatologists.

Kaya sells its products on both its e-commerce portal and on eBay in addition to other ecommerce portals like Jabong, Flipkart, Nykaa, Amazon, Myntra, etc. For years, Kaya has been delivering flawless beauty, thus making it the perfect beauty destination all over the world.

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Based on all the above mentioned parameters, Kaya Skin Clinic can be recommended for their different services. The customers are sure to get the desired beauty and customized needs they have always wanted. For sure you will not be disappointed!

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Services offered by Kaya Skin Clinic

  • Insta Skin Purify
  • Aqua Fairness Luxe
  • Dark Circle Reduction
  • Skin Lightening Peel
  • Acne Pimple- Free Peel
  • Laser Hair Reduction
  • Intensive Hair Root Therapy
  • Juvederm XC Beautifillers
  • Clear Fresh Oil Control
  • Kaya Signature Face Therapy- Ultra Detox


We have classified Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews in the following parameters:

Treatment Quality

The quality of treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic is really good. This clinic aims at delivering healthy hair solutions and flawless skin through the use of latest technology. Kaya also has a wide spectrum of products that include daily essentials such as acne fighters, sun care, anti-ageing, hair care, and skin brightening and lightening.

Equipment and Technology

Kaya Skin Clinic has the latest technology and equipment available across their clinics. Various scientific treatment measurement tools have been developed and incorporated at all their clinics. Kaya uses high end technology such as advance laser technology which is US- FDA approved and is safe for the Indian skin.

Staff Courtesy 

The staff and dermatologists at Kaya skin clinic are very helpful and provide very good service. The overall experience with Kaya is said to be overwhelming and users wish to stay connected with Kaya for a greater experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are quite satisfied with the treatment offered at Kaya Clinic. Kaya takes up the responsibility to resolve all issues and complaints at the earliest. Customers wish to stay with Kaya clinic for the kind of service they provide. The staff gives personal attention and is well trained.

Value for Money 

The services related to hair and skin treatments at Kaya may cost you a lot but if the results are satisfactory, the money being spent is worth it. The high- end technologies used mean lot of money included but if the results are noticeable, then the money is worth it.

Service Delivery 

The entire experience at Kaya clinic is great right from the start. Customers have said that the clinic is very strict about cleanliness and hygiene and the service delivery is said to be very good. There have also been cases of delayed appointments and re- schedules which have become a negative point for Kaya skin clinic.

Pros of Kaya Skin Clinic

  • Latest technology
  • Effective results
  • Access to multiple branches/ clinics across different cities
  • Huge number of products available for different treatments

Cons of Kaya Skin Clinic

  • Expensive treatment
  • Delays in appointment

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