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The first thing about this shampoo is its moisturizing and cleansing effect which cleans all impurities to restore the smoothness and softness. If you looking for a hair care product for your rough and unruly frizzy hair then Matrix is the perfect choice for you. It helps to deeply cleanse and moisturize dry hair.
It smoothen the strands and prevents frizz even in humid and dry climates keeping your hair beautiful. It is parabens free and works well on all types of hair making it suitable for everyone at a decent price. The packaging is also pocketed friendly making it easy to carry while travelling.

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Matrix hair Shampoo is a great choice to moisturize and smoothen frizzy and rough hair. It can get you smooth and soft hair with lesser tangles and good volume.

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Key Ingredients

  • Glycerine – It helps to moisturizehair to the core and strengthen the hair strands rom roots to ensure less breakage and hair fall rescue
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate – It acts as a cleanser and heals the damaged hair with its moisturizing and conditioning effect.
  • Camellia Flower Seed – It helps in smoothening your hair and moisturizes it to make it frizzfree. You can enjoy lesser tangles and lesser frizzy hair even during hot and humid temperatures.

Other Ingredients

Coco-Betaine, Benzyl alcohol, CocamideMipa and the other ingredients present in Matrix shampoo are parabens free and not toxic. It helps to smoothen unruly and frizzy hair. Your tangles were get lesser and it will make up to the volume of your hair by prevent hair fall.

We have classified Matrix Shampoo Review in these key parameters:


The matrix shampoo is parabens free and contains SLS which helps to create good lather even without using a lot of it. It is slightly runny in consistency and creates good foam with water.

Hair Shine

It adds to shine of our hair and get it smoothened. However the shine effect by Matrix shampoo is comparatively modest and it is best suited to smoothen frizzy and unruly hair.

Hair Smoothness

The shampoo is known for its moisturizing effect that helps to smoothen hair and make soft and beautiful. It works on all types of hair but best suited to reduce tangles and soften unruly and messy hair. The Camellia flower seed liquid present in the shampoo helps to reduce frizziness even in hot and humid climates.


The shampoo has a good odour and it smells normal. The smell is not a very good attraction but it is pleasant and does not cause any irritation.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers looking for hair shampoos that will reduce frizziness and smoothens unruly hair have a good time with this shampoo. It has mixed response since it is not a great pick to get rid of dandruff or to get silky and shiny hair.

Value for Money

The shampoo is easily available at a decent price of 195 INR for 200ml which makes it slightly pricey as compared to shampoos offering such hair care effects. However if you are looking for a shampoo to get rid of frizzy and unruly hair and enjoy smooth and soft hair then Matrix hair Shampoo is the perfect pick in this price range.

Pros of Matrix Shampoo

  • Style your hair with ease without any toxic effect making it suitable for all types of hair
  • Get frizz free and lesser tangles
  • Prevents hair fall and lesser hair breakage
  • Cleans scalp of all impurities and moisturizes in depth to give smooth and soft hair
  • It lathers well and does not require much for the single wash
  • Good packaging and decent Price

Cons of Matrix Shampoo

  • Does not work to get rid of dandruff
  • Does not help to reduce scalp itchiness
  • Not very good at restoring the silkiness and shine
  • Slightly runny in consistency

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