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Shirodhara Treatment in Anudh, Pune | Experiences of Suman

I was in my final year of my MBA, and the pressure was too much for me. The studies, projects, and internships were taking all of my time and apart from sleeping (for about 5 hours), I was busy all the time. This was taking a toll on my mental health. I was stressed all the time and I would get irritated or frustrated easily. And, I was turning into a person who was simply not me. My cheery personality had become a thing of the past and even my parents had started to worry.

My parents suggested that I give Ayurveda a try. Up until then, according to me, Ayurveda was just about herbs and stuff. But, my mother cleared my misconceptions and explained what Ayurveda actually was. This branch of medicine had treatments for mental health as well. Since I had started to despise the new me, I opted for the treatment.

My parents had booked a consultation in a clinic called NuAyurveda, Ayurvedic clinic in Anudh, Pune. When we reached the premises, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a hospital-like environment, but the clinic was well decorated and had a soothing effect.

Once we were inside NuAyurveda’s Ayurvedic clinic in Pune, I was ushered to meet the doctor within a few minutes. My doctor was a patient lady, who spoke to me in a calming manner and enquired about all my problems. She made me feel very comfortable and I started sharing everything with her. She prescribed a Shriodhara treatment with an Abhyana treatment. I was asked to attend at least 3 sessions for a complete recovery.

My sessions would last for an hour and a half, followed by a head massage. Shirodhara is a treatment, where the medicated oil is poured on your forehead gently and continuously. And, Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage, which leads to relaxation.

My treatment really helped me deal with my stress. Just after my first session, I could feel myself becoming the old me. I was feeling less stressed and depressed. Once, all my sessions were done, I felt a renewed zest for life. I could concentrate better, I was my cheerful self again, and most importantly I wasn’t feeling any stress.

Usually, we tend to ignore our mental health. We get embarrassed to speak about it, hence, even if we face a problem, we don’t get ourselves treated. This has to stop. Our mental health deserves the same care and concern as our physical health.

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