Richfeel Bandra Clinic Review

  • Treatment Quality
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Staff Courtesy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money
  • Service Delivery

OneClickReview's take:

The Richfeel Bandra Clinic houses experienced doctors and has been providing expertise in hair care treating all minor and major hair as well as scalp problems. Many customers have experienced the best treatment and are quite satisfied by the way their problems have been heard and taken care of. Even though this clinic is expensive, the results are noticeable most of the times and customers do not find it a problem to pay such a high fee.
The use of latest upgraded technology and equipments gives their customers the best experience they have always wanted. There are various hair care products such as aroma oil for hair loss, products for dandruff, conditioners, scalp cleanser, hair nourisher and aloevera shampoo which have given the desired results. This clinic also cures the hair and scalp problems through tricho active medicines and patented treatments.

Would OneClickReviews team recommend the services?
Based on all the above mentioned parameters, the Richfeel Bandra Clinic is definitely recommended. The best thing about this clinic is the equipments and technology used ensures that it leaves no scars and is very effective as the output shows their work.

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Services offered by Richfeel Bandra Clinic

  • ANA-D-TOX- Hair Colour Damage Repair
  • Anagrow- Hair Thinning Treatment
  • TST+- Hair Fall Treatment
  • Hair Transplant- Permanent Hair Restoration
  • Hair System- Non Surgical Hair Restoration
  • Anacover- Permanent Scalp Cover

We have classified Richfeel Bandra Clinic Review in the following parameters:

Treatment Quality 

The quality of treatment at Richfeel Bandra Clinic is great. With the use if great technology and equipment, this clinic aims to deliver great and healthy hair solutions and this is what sets them apart from other agencies. Among the above mentioned services, Hair Transplant and Anacover have said to shown greater results at this particular branch and this is why customers opt for the Bandra branch.

Equipment and Technology 

The Richfeel Bandra Clinic has got the latest equipment as well as technology. They try to maintain this level of service to enhance their customer experience and build great trust among their customers.

Staff Courtesy 

The staff is very much dedicated to your personal comfort and attention as well. The customers can explain their issues to the doctors who then let the customers know and understand the full procedure along with the impact of their services using the latest technology and equipment. The entire team is dedicated to provide you with the desired personalized help and care.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are quite satisfied with the treatment and services offered at the Richfeel Bandra Clinic. The Richfeel clinic takes up the responsibility to resolve all complaints at the earliest. However, they do not have any money back guarantee policy and this might be the reason why few customers complain about the failure of their treatments.

Value for Money

The above mentioned services cost you a lot but if you find the results satisfactory, then the money being spent is worth it. Many customers have also reviewed that Richfeel should reset their treatment cost structure so as to make them more affordable.

Service Delivery 

Before you visit the Richfeel Bandra clinic, you will have to take an appointment. Due to some unavoidable reasons, your appointments might get canceled or rescheduled which serves as a negative review when compared to other competitors. The service delivery is said to be poor when compared to other agencies.

Pros of Richfeel Bandra Clinic’s treatments and services

  • Effective and quick results
  • Latest technology and equipments used
  • The treatments leave no scars
  • Qualified doctors
  • Products offered are completely natural
  • Various products available for different kinds of hair and scalp problems

Cons of Richfeel Bandra Clinic’s treatments and services

  • Expensive treatment
  • No money back policy


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