Richfeel Bellandur, Bangalore Clinic Review

Treatment Quality – 2.5/5

Equipment and Technology – 3/5

Staff Courtesy – 3/5

Customer Satisfaction – 2.5/5

Value for Money – 2.5/5

Service Delivery – 2.5/5

 OneClickReview’s Take

Richfeel is a reputed name in the hair care industry. Some of the Richfeel clinics, like Richfeel Vashi Clinic, are rendering commendable services. But, it is not true with all the clinics. While reviewing Richfeel Bellandur Clinic in Bangalore, we analyzed various aspects. Based on our review, we feel that Richfeel Bellandur Clinic does not meet the expectations of the customers.

According to our review, we feel that the Richfeel Bellandur Clinic staff is not dedicated to providing effective services. Their knowledge is limited. It seems as if they rely on the script provided to them. If you are good at cross questioning, you will realize that the staff is not well-equipped with the essential knowledge of the hair care industry.

As Richfeel Bellandur Clinic provides homeopathic treatment, the treatment costs seem to be aggravated. Moreover, their hair care products incorporate natural ingredients, which is actually good because it does not produce any side effects. But, the products are expensive and does not produce any significant effects.

Would OneClickReview’s team recommend the services?

If we put it in a straightforward manner, we will not recommend Richfeel Bellandur Clinic to our readers. Our review is based on genuine parameters and after analyzing everything in detail, we feel Richfeel Bellandur Clinic does not meet the expectations of the hair treatment seekers.

Services offered by Richfeel Dwarka Clinic

Richfeel Bellandur Clinic treatment methodologies are based on homeopathic treatment. Their medicines and products are made from natural ingredients. Richfeel initiated its operations in 1986 and since then, they have expanded their presence across the country. Richfeel Bellandur Clinic provides all sorts of hair treatments, such as:

  • Hair System – Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
  • Anagain Hair Loss Treatment
  • TST+ – Hair Fall Treatment
  • Anagrow – Hair Thinning Treatment
  • ANA-D-TOX – Hair Color Damage Repair
  • Hair Transplant – Permanent Hair Restoration
  • Anacover – Permanent Scalp Cover

 Treatment Quality

The treatment effectiveness depends on the diagnosis of the problem. Unfortunately, the Richfeel Bellandur Clinic doctors are not capable of diagnosing the problem effectively. Hence, the treatment suggested to the patient does not solve the hair problem. When the customer does not notice any significant improvement after certain sessions, the Richfeel representatives ask the client to opt for another treatment. This shows the unprofessional behavior of the Richfeel Bellandur Clinic.

 Equipment and Technology

Latest technological development is crucial in imparting the best treatment. No doubt, Richfeel Bellandur Clinic follows the standard protocol and hence, it is equipped with all the necessary machinery for tests and treatments. The problem arises with the implementation. When they suggest a wrong treatment for a problem or when they try to cure a genetic case, the technology and software are not effective in these cases.

Staff Courtesy

The Richfeel Bellandur Clinic staff knows how to handle their clients and potential customers. If you schedule an appointment with the Richfeel Clinic, you are entitled to receive personalized services at every moment. But, all these courtesy is driven by the sole motive of meeting targets and generating sales. The staff is keener in suggesting effective treatments and selling their herbal products.

Customer Satisfaction

Surprisingly, customer satisfaction is at the lowest levels. The previous and existing customers are not at all satisfied with the Richfeel Bellandur Clinic services. The ineffective treatments, irritating promotional stints, and hefty costs are some of the reasons for the dissatisfaction among customers.

Value for Money

If you have an enviable bank balance or if you like wasting your money, Richfeel Bellandur Clinic is the perfect place for you. But if you want to avail effective hair treatment, you should definitely avoid Richfeel Bellandur Clinic services. There is no reasonable justification for the towering costs.

 Service Delivery

Richfeel Bellandur Clinic fails to meet the demands of the customers. A customer signs up for the services thinking that the hair will be restored on the scalp. But, all you get is promotional messages for shelling out money on the treatments, products, and medicines.

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Bellandur, Bangalore Clinic

  • Richfeel Bellandur Clinic sells homeopathic medicines and products that do not have any side effects
  • Richfeel has a strong presence across the country

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Bellandur, Bangalore Clinic

  • The treatment costs can rob you of your hard earned money
  • It takes a long time for the treatment to produce any noticeable effects if any

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