Richfeel Dwarka, Delhi Clinic Review

Treatment Quality – 3/5

Equipment and Technology – 3/5

Staff Courtesy – 3/5

Customer Satisfaction – 2.5/5

Value for Money – 2.5/5

Service Delivery – 3/5

 OneClickReview’s Take

Although Richfeel has carved a commendable reputation in the Trichology industry, the Richfeel Dwarka Clinic fails to maintain this reputation. The services offered at Richfeel Dwarka Clinic are not as per the customer’s expectations.

The clinic is integrated with the upgraded equipment for diagnosing and treating the hair problem. Initially, it assists in diagnosis but when it comes to treatment, a patient does not witness any productive results. This is, may be, because of the inability to examine the case with detailed emphasis.

When a customer shells out money, he or she expects results in due course of time. The Richfeel Dwarka Clinic promises significant results after the completion of the course. But unfortunately, a customer feels dissatisfied and cheated after the completion of the course. This results in waste of money and time.

Although the Richfeel Dwarka Clinic staff seems to be polite and helpful, but this courtesy is more inclined towards marketing rather than customer retention.

Would OneClickReview’s team recommend the services?

After reviewing all the major aspects of Richfeel Dwarka Clinic, the OCR team feels that the services are not up to the mark. Hence, you should refrain from availing Richfeel Dwarka Clinic services for hair care and treatment.

Services offered by Richfeel Dwarka Clinic

Richfeel Dwarka Clinic provides a comprehensive treatment for all types of hair problems. Whether it’s about hair care or hair disease, Richfeel Dwarka Clinic has solutions for every aspect. Along with the services, it has a wide range of hair care products as well. The following services are offered by Richfeel Dwarka Clinic:

  • TST+ – Hair Fall Treatment
  • ANA-D-TOX – Hair Color Damage Repair
  • Anagrow – Hair Thinning Treatment
  • Anacover – Permanent Scalp Cover
  • Anagain Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Transplant – Permanent Hair Restoration
  • Hair System – Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Treatment Quality

The treatment procedures at Richfeel Dwarka Clinic cover every type of hair problem. Whether its hair fall or hair thinning, Richfeel Dwarka Clinic claims to weed out the problem from the root. But as per our review, the treatment fails to produce results in most of the cases. It can be due to poor diagnosis or inefficiency of the doctor.

Equipment and Technology

Due to revolution of IT and technology, it becomes important to incorporate latest technological equipment for achieving unparalleled efficiency. Richfeel Dwarka Clinic has the standard equipment required for all types of treatments. But, when they prescribe a wrong treatment for a particular hair problem, the situation becomes awkward. Even with the technological power, they are not able to produce effective results.

Staff Courtesy

Right from the appointment to the farewell, Richfeel Dwarka Clinic aims at dealing with the client with professionalism. The doctors will listen to the patient’s problem with attention. The customer management representatives will intimate you about your appointments and sessions. But amidst all these, you can sense the inclination towards profit making rather than customer services.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is mostly evident from the positive results. Since, Richfeel Dwarka Clinic fails to deliver on this aspect, customer satisfaction is not up to the mark. A customer feels cheated when he loses a significant amount of money and his precious time. Further, if the condition deteriorates, it results in stressful situations as well.

Value for Money

The treatment costs and product costs are at par with the other service providers. But since the results are unsatisfactory, Richfeel Dwarka Clinic doesn’t qualify in the value for money segment.

Service Delivery

As a customer of Richfeel Dwarka Clinic, you are entitled to receive regular updates regarding consultation, treatment sessions, and others. But, promotional messages will be the most prominent. Sometimes, delay in appointments, or sessions, is expected.

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Dwarka, Delhi Clinic

  • Effective treatment procedures for all type of hair and scalp problems
  • A wide range of products made from natural ingredients
  • A systematic procedure for dealing with the clients

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Dwarka, Delhi Clinic

  • The treatments are expensive and it might not suit everyone
  • The treatment procedure takes prolonged time and hence, the patient should have the patience
  • Promotional strategies may annoy the subscribed customer


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