Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil Review

  • Consistency
  • Ease of Styling
  • Hair Shine and Silkiness
  • Hair Smoothness
  • Fragrance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money

OneClickReview's take:

Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil is an excellent hair oil that makes your hair soft and manageable. It nourishes and conditions the scalp, which is necessary for having healthy hair. And the best part about Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil is that it suits all hair types.
Enriched with the goodness of Brahmi and Jaborandi, this hair oil is a perfect hair and scalp nourisher, a prerequisite for healthy hair, Apply the oil on your scalp and hair and massage for 10-15 minutes. For maximum benefits, we recommend you to mix Richfeel Hair Nourisher in your Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil. Keep the Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil applied for 3-4 hours before washing your hair.
Most of the Richfeel products live up to the claims the brand makes. Richfeel offers both hair care and skin care products, that are all worthy of your time, money and efforts.

Would OneClickReviews team recommend a buy?
Being a Richfeel product, the Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil definitely lives up to its claims. It offers you a healthy scalp, well-nourished, easily manageable hair, prevents dandruff and hair fall and suits all hair types. If you have a oily scalp you must be ready to wash your hair regularly (at least every alternate day). Rest, it is a great product. We surely recommend a buy with a 4.3 on 5 score.

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Key Ingredients

  • Brahmi extracts
  • Jaborandi extracts
  • Blend of coconut oil and jaborandi oil

We have classified Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil Review based on the following parameters:


The Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil is not too thick as mustard oil, but has a thinner, finer consistency. So, it spreads easily and makes massages a pleasant experience.

Ease of Styling 

This hair oil makes thoroughly nourishes your hair and scalp and thus makes your hair softer and smoother. The hair becomes easy to manage and thus, support easy styling.

Hair Shine and Silkiness 

This hair oil perfectly nourishes your scalp making it healthy but it may turn oily the second day post wash. Girls with already oily scalp might not like using it thus, if they can’t wash their hair every alternate day.

Hair Smoothness 

We recommend that you use the Richfeel Hair Nourisher along with this oil for even better results in terms of more nourished, softer and smoother hair. The Jaborandi and coconut oil extracts work wonders together.


Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil comes with a bit strong smell but it is great for your hair. Also, the after effects of this hair oil are totally lovable so we think you can bear with the strong scent for a while to have beautiful, shiny hair for days. Can’t you?

Customer Satisfaction 

The Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil seems to work like magic. Wash it off after 3-4 hours and top it with a conditioner if you feel like. The hair will feel so soft and just great with improved texture and shine.

Value for Money 

The Richfeel products may be a bit pricey when compared to other brands but they are totally worth it. You can get a bottle of Richfeel Jaborandi hair oil paying Rs.199 for 100 ml, which is still an affordable buy. And trust us; it is great value for your money. You may try buying smaller version before you head to getting yourself the bigger sizes which cost Rs.640 for 500 ml.

Pros of Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil

  • Scalp remains healthy
  • Prevents dandruff and hair fall too
  • Easily available online
  • The product lives up to its claims
  • Makes your hair soft and manageable
  • Comes in smaller sizes too, so that you can try first

Cons of Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil

  • Though it suits all hair types but girls with oily scalp may face some issues. They would have to wash their hair regularly to wash off the oil.
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other brands
  • Strong fragrance


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