Richfeel Reviews : The Hidden Reality of Hair Treatments & Transplant !

  • Treatment Quality
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Staff Courtesy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value for Money
  • Service Delivery

OnceClickReview's take

Majority of Richfeel's customers are more than satisfied with the way Richfeel’s doctors understood their problems and took care of their hair. Many of the customers had previously tried other agencies like Dr. Batra but their experience with Richfeel has been far better than the rest.
Obviously there are customers who are not satisfied with the services but that is part and parcel of the service industry. One can simply not please everyone.
The only factor where Richfeel lacks is “Value for money”. Customers feel that Richfeel needs to revise their pricing model and make it more affordable, but then who likes to spend the big bucks? We all like to save money, don’t we?
Would OneClickReviews team recommend the service?
Yes, if you have to get Hair Treatment or Transplant service from anywhere in India and have the wallet depth to afford it, Richfeel is your best bet.

Comments Rating 4.2 (44 reviews)

Services that Richfeel offers:

  1. Hair Transplant – Permanent Hair Restoration
  2. Anagrow – Hair Thinning Treatment
  3. TST+ – Hair Fall Treatment
  4. Anacover – Permanent Scalp Cover
  5. Hair System – Non Surgical Hair Restoration
  6. ANA-D-TOX – Hair Colour Damage Repair

We have classified Richfeel’s Hair Treatment and Transplant Review in the following parameters:

Treatment Quality

The quality of treatment at Richfeel’s is very high. It is their quality that sets them apart from their competitors. Especially Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment for Hair thinning has shown fabulous results.

Equipment and Technology

Richfeel has the latest equipment and technology available across all their clinics. They try to leverage this to enhance customer experience and build trust. The doctors at Richfeel help all customers understand the entire procedure and the impact it would create using these equipment.

Staff Courtesy

The staff at Richfeel is very courteous. They try to help the customer as much as possible. However, there is no denying there have been a few bad experiences.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more or less satisfied with Richfeel’s Hair treatment services. Richfeel tries to reslove all complaints within 48 hours. However, they do not have a moneyback guarantee policy which is why in a few exceptional cases when results are not as expected people do feel that the service is not upto the mark.

Value for Money

When hair transplant services burn a hole in your pocket it does hurt. However the silver lining here is that it gives you positive results. Which is why our OnceClickReviews team believes Richfeel is your best bet if you actually decide to spend.

Service Delivery

Appointment delays are very annoying. Most of the customers have claimed that their appointments get rescheduled due to logistical reasons. However the delay is not very significant, so from delivery point of view we give Richfeel a neutral rating which is good compared to what its competitors have to offer.

Pros of Richfeel’s Hair Treatment:

  • Latest technology
  • Qualified doctors
  • Quick and effective results
  • Multiple centers across different cities
  • Customers satisfaction team to resolve complaints
  • On time Service Delivery

Cons of Richfeel’s Hair Treatment:

  • Heavy on the pockets (expensive treatment)

3 Actual Customer Reviews:

Dr Pranjali Juvekar’s review

Dr Pranjali Juvekar, 43 years of age, was faced with severe hair loss that led to frustration. She thus decided to visit Richfeel and was extremely satisfied with the services offered.  The quality of her hair has improved by a great extent. She has been associated with Richfeel for 3 years now.
She is grateful to the staff of Richfeel for being friendly and cooperative. She is extremely happy with the hair treatment and its results and recommends Richfeel to even her own patients.

 Anagrow Hair Treatment Review by Ms. Aditi Jaiswal

Ms. Aditi Jaiswal, a back-end supervisor at Singapore Airport had bald patches on her head before approaching Richfeel. She opted for Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment and was delighted with the results. She regained the lost hair in a short span of time and strongly recommends Richfeel to friends and family. She says that the staff at Richfeel is extremely friendly and cooperative.

Deepak Mane’s Review of Richfeel’s Hair Loss Treatment

Deepak Mane works as a product development manager. His job demands him to stay confident. He faced severe hair loss and tried various methods to control the same, but in vain. Then he turned to Richfeel on the recommendation of a friend. He opted for Anagrow treatment and also underwent Richfeel hair transplant. Since then he has been immensely happy with the results and has regained his confidence. He recommended Richfeel to two of his friends who also opted for the transplant and witnessed great results.

View here:

Individual Center and product Reviews

Our in-house research team conducts intensive audit of individual Richfeel Trichology centers (such as Dwarka Delhi Clinic, Bellandur Banglore clinic & Bandra Clinic) and also their products (such as Jaborandi hair oil & Arnica Scalp Cleanser) and then generates a review reports for each. At OneClickReview we value our esteemed readers and cater to the content requirement of our followers


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