Truweight Reviews: Customer Success Stories

Truweight provides answers to people who are looking for a question about their health. The world is going through a lifestyle disease epidemic. Poor nutrition is a leading contributor to early deaths today. Truweight is trying to change that by providing excellent positive results to people who are battling against lifestyle diseases such as PCOD, diabetes, obesity, and thyroid. Truweight caters the best diet meal plan which delivers the maximum results to the clients.  We have accumulated reviews from renowned sources like Mouthshut, Google play, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Truweight loves to celebrate the success stories of its clients who have decided to put their health and happiness first. Truweight shares some of its favourite stories to show how the clients, armed with determination, motivation, self-love who often exceeded their goals to lead a healthier, fitter, and more satisfying lives.

Truweight fights naturally with food and takes the pledge of making this world a healthy place’.

Success Stories

Praveen Kumar (Software Developer): I was finding difficulty in losing weight. I had heard about various weight loss programs, but I wasn’t convinced enough to try them. But I came across Truweight, and really liked the idea of how they approached my idea. I was on a detox mode for 10 days with the program with a money-back guarantee. I was really happy when I lost 15 kgs in 5 months. Nutritionist Somi Won worked with me extensively and guided me towards a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Today after losing so much weight, I feel very confident and my protruding belly has almost vanished. I have so much energy even though I eat less compared to what I was eating before. It took me around three months to lose all that excess fat. It is such a superb feeling. I like the way I look healthy and toned. I am feeling so confident about myself – it’s a boost to my self-esteem.

The best bit, I am able to wear all the clothes from my college days. It feels amazing! In fact, now I am going back to my tailor to get all my clothes altered to a smaller size.

Diya Iyer (Chemist) lost 32.9 kgs and controlled her sugar levels with Truweight. I was struggling with knee pain and varicose veins postpartum before I came to Truweight. My HbA1C level was high and was in the pre-diabetic range. Moreover, I had Vitamin D deficiency and HDL levels were low. Before joining Truweight, I had tried other weight loss programs which included heat and vibration therapy, HCG injections, crash diets with calorie counting etc. None of these methods provided result. “Truweight has a very scientific approach towards overall well-being and it is not just about losing weight. Changing my eating habits, in the beginning, was challenging but the results were immediate and highly encouraging. Truweight helped me understand my body and its true needs. Experimenting with superfoods and herbs helped me realize that I have been consuming unhealthy and nutrient-deficient foods for decades”. 

My health and fitness levels have improved a lot after weight loss, my knee pain has reduced and I can run again. My HbA1C levels are back to normal again and I feel more confident. 


Here are some reviews shared by Truweight’s prestigious clients:

Saurabh Arora writes on Facebook: It was a great and wholesome experience joining this program.

The enormous way of losing weight without any compromise with the health and with a focus of long term sustainably makes this course more valuable. I lost 19 Kgs in just 5 months. I suggest this program for those who are willing for weight loss because it is not just about losing weight which many programs can offer you but the healthy weight loss does matter that which sustains. Read more

Shanthala Ravishankar reviewed Truweight on Facebook: Truweight diet plans suit any common person and I did go for a weight loss program but more than losing weight, how to remain healthy is what I learned through this program. When they read our BMI, our fat percent in our body we realize how much of mistakes we have been doing. I thank True Weight and my coach Somadutta who made me realize that I was deficient of protein in my muscles about Vitamin D deficiency. I was advised corrective measures and remedy for it. I appreciate my coach and the team for helping me out in improving my health which is important at this age. Read more

Johnbosco9615 wrote, ‘The way they treat their us it’s really fabulous and fantastic, I lost 7 kg in just 2 months their superfoods very much yummy and healthy, I would suggest this to very who would really interest in reducing your weight this is one of the best options to you. Read more

Riyasen Gupta reviewed Truweight: I needed to lose weight for two important reasons. Firstly, I have PCOS for which I had to lose weight and secondly, I have my wedding next year. But my guy didn’t want me to take up those extreme diets or iring workouts. so, I took up Truweight for it is food-based and natural. Read more

Srinivas Nyapathy writes on Facebook: Truweight has been a revelation. I joined the program as I wanted to be on a path to good health and of course, lose excess weight. Taking up a diet program I was afraid of starving or eating tasteless stuff but thankfully Truweight has very tasty superfoods to help us fight hunger and not worry about starving or eating tasteless food. The program is designed in a way to accommodate the occasional cheat meal which helps curb the various cravings. Read more

Is the weight loss plan customizable? 

Each plan is customized according to the client’s needs, what food needs to be avoided and a perfect diet plan is planned to get the maximum benefits. The best thing about Truweight is, it never forces you to take additional plans and spend more on things which are not needed. The package includes only for the treatment which you have signed for, no additional costs.

What happens when you walk inside Truweight’s office?

You will be greeted by a counsellor, who, subsequently, will record all your basic information viz., personal details, health profile, lifestyle details and fitness goals. After that, you will undergo a Body Composition Analysis done by a BCA machine which determines the muscle %, fat %, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate and BMI (body mass index). After this, you will be introduced to your personal dietician who will provide you with a detailed diet plan and changes that one has to make in terms of nutrients. 

Based on the recommendations from the nutritionist, the counsellor will prescribe the most suitable package to help you achieve your fitness goals. You will even get a superfood kit to take along. Later, you have to make sure to download the app for daily monitoring of your progress. The whole procedure is being followed so as to make you more confident and determinant about your healthy journey ahead. 

Please Note: Same diet plan will not work for all.

Each diet plan is customized according to the clients. Some may be allergic to certain vegetables and proteins. Some may not be able to consume a particular drink. A diabetic diet differs from a thyroid diet and someone who is diagnosed with PCOS cannot follow the diet of a person who is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Truweight’s nutritionist will study your lifestyle and ask your recommendations on what food and drink you like and accordingly a perfect diet will be formulated to get the maximum benefits. 

Advantages of Truweight’s Weight Loss Plan

Truweight weight loss plans help the clients to reach their goal on time or sometimes before. Truweight has an array of superfoods at your disposal which is not only nutritious but extremely tasty as well. This will provide the necessary nutrition for your body. A structured meal plan encourages you to eat 3 regular meals in a day, improve the healthiness of food which is kept in the house, helps keep meals healthy balanced but reduced in calories to promote weight loss and it enables structure and flexibility.

Things to keep in mind while availing the service

Point to ponder:

  1. Get a coach who will you in achieving your goals.
  2. Answer all possible questions asked by your coach.
  3. Question your coach to clear your doubts
  4. Aim to work with your nutritionist to improve your health.
  5. Carefully administer the package Truweight offers and customise it according to your needs.

Reasons why you need to stick to the diet plan

Points to remember:

  1. Stick to the plan recommended to you 
  2. Do not apply shortcuts
  3. Ensure you follow the prescribed diet
  4. Good healthy weight & nutrition will lower the risk of chronic diseases
  5. Remember to include some physical activity like walking, jogging and household chores to stay active. 

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